A Heart to Know the Lord – Reflections on 24-7 Men’s Discipleship Weekend


This year’s 24-7 Men’s Discipleship Weekend took place February 18-21 and saw nearly 40 men come together to learn and apply the Word of God and have fun doing it. Arnie Armstrong from Millar College of the Bible was the event’s Bible teacher and focused his time on God’s covenant promises. We consider the event to be a success with both spiritual growth and plenty of fun had by all. David Kruse, who attended for the first time this year, gave us a clearer picture into what all the event had to offer:

The “24-7” men’s discipleship weekend was really good.  Lots of time was dedicated to biblical instruction, but there were still plenty of opportunities for conversation.  Getting to know the other guys is important when you’ve gathered 40 men of various ages from different churches and communities.

The choice of teacher was solid.  Arnie Armstrong opened the Bible as “the Book on Salvation.”  After hearing him explain connections between the Garden of Eden, Egypt, the Tabernacle/Temple, the Promised Land, and the promised Messiah, my faith in the God who orchestrates history was increased.  Seeing how the covenants God made with various people of faith built on each other helped me appreciate what Jesus accomplished, right down to the time of day he died.  Like many men who have grown up in church, I thought I had heard it all before, but these “big picture” observations made me even more impressed with our God.  Arnie’s personal illustrations, combined with his obvious zeal for scriptural truth and his sense of calling to teach it added up to a sense of anticipation about each session.

The Saturday afternoon [metal forging demonstration] workshop with Terry Wiebe was memorable; to have us stand around and listen to his story while he worked with hot metal was a great visual way to learn—iron sharpening iron.  The time in the Octagon was a highlight because we were talking about our own experiences, and caring for each other.  If that wasn’t enough of an exercise in trusting one other, we proceeded from there to a friendly competition involving shotguns [skeet shooting activity]! The schedule was well-paced (though I didn’t get enough sleep!) and the food was excellent. Thanks for all the time, effort, care, and prayer you put in to put it on. -David Kruse

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