Harvest Celebration 2016


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A Heart to Know the Lord – Reflections on 24-7 Men’s Discipleship Weekend


This year’s 24-7 Men’s Discipleship Weekend took place February 18-21 and saw nearly 40 men come together to learn and apply the Word of God and have fun doing it. Arnie Armstrong from Millar College of the Bible was the event’s Bible teacher and focused his time on God’s covenant promises. We consider the event to be a success with both spiritual growth and plenty of fun had by all. David Kruse, who attended for the first time this year, gave us a clearer picture into what all the event had to offer:

The “24-7” men’s discipleship weekend was really good.  Lots of time was dedicated to biblical instruction, but there were still plenty of opportunities for conversation.  Getting to know the other guys is important when you’ve gathered 40 men of various ages from different churches and communities.

The choice of teacher was solid.  Arnie Armstrong opened the Bible as “the Book on Salvation.”  After hearing him explain connections between the Garden of Eden, Egypt, the Tabernacle/Temple, the Promised Land, and the promised Messiah, my faith in the God who orchestrates history was increased.  Seeing how the covenants God made with various people of faith built on each other helped me appreciate what Jesus accomplished, right down to the time of day he died.  Like many men who have grown up in church, I thought I had heard it all before, but these “big picture” observations made me even more impressed with our God.  Arnie’s personal illustrations, combined with his obvious zeal for scriptural truth and his sense of calling to teach it added up to a sense of anticipation about each session.

The Saturday afternoon [metal forging demonstration] workshop with Terry Wiebe was memorable; to have us stand around and listen to his story while he worked with hot metal was a great visual way to learn—iron sharpening iron.  The time in the Octagon was a highlight because we were talking about our own experiences, and caring for each other.  If that wasn’t enough of an exercise in trusting one other, we proceeded from there to a friendly competition involving shotguns [skeet shooting activity]! The schedule was well-paced (though I didn’t get enough sleep!) and the food was excellent. Thanks for all the time, effort, care, and prayer you put in to put it on. -David Kruse

If you are interested in knowing more about men’s events that Valley View Bible Camp hosts or have any questions please feel free to contact us.

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Mother Daughter Nights 2016

Due to the huge response to our Mother Daughter Nights we have added a third night! We have lots of room for Thursday, April 14 at 7pm. Please RSVP 204-685-2999 or info@valleyviewbiblecamp.com We no longer have seats available for the Tuesday or Wednesday.


mother daughter 2016

Come and enjoy a fun evening together as you hear a mother daughter testimony from Tina Rempel and Sara Enns as well as great food and entertainment.

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Snow Camp 2016

This year marks the 3rd Snow Camp we have had the privilege of operating here at Valley View Bible Camp on January 28-30 . The dynamics of Snow Camp has been fine tuned over the last few years but the vision to share the Gospel with those having least opportunity to hear has remained the same. We continue to partner with Youth for Christ Portage in an effort to utilize the skills and resources of both our organizations to further God’s Kingdom through the ministry of Snow Camp. This year saw 39 children attend from two local First Nations Reserves. We had the opportunity to see a few children return to camp for the 2nd or 3rd time as well as to welcome many new children.

Throughout the time the children were here they took part in many different fun activities like snow tubing, crafts, building wooden toolboxes, and mini stick hockey, just to name a few. In addition to activities, we had daily chapel times where we sang songs, listened to stories, and heard teaching that all clearly spoke to the power of the Gospel!

Many volunteers were needed to make the event a success; we would like to thank all who had a part in serving in this way! Below are some photos that capture just a portion of what we believe to be a successful Snow Camp filled with fun, friends and Gospel centred ministry.

If you have any questions about the event or would like to know how you can be a part of ministry at Valley View, feel free to contact us.


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24-7 Men’s Discipleship Weekend 2016

CLICK HERE for brochure and application

16-Poster 24-7

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Men’s Breakfast Nov. 21, 2015

Men's Breakfast


Join us this year for our annual Men’s Breakfast. Register to come and enjoy a hearty breakfast, good fellowship and a challenge from our guest Pastor Jeff Peacock. Register early because space is limited!

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Oasis Retreat 2015 – ‘We Came, We Saw, We Rested’


It is with a heart full of thankfulness that we say our first ladies retreat here at Valley View was a success! Seventeen of us in total came together to learn, fellowship and grow in our walk with the Lord and to rest. This retreat was geared specifically towards women in ministry, and our theme was “finding rest in every season.” With only two weeks before the retreat was supposed to happen we found ourselves with no registrations and questioning if this was really something we were supposed to be doing. We met together, prayed and trusted that God would bring the people. And that he did! It was such a wonderful group of ladies, and the amount of us made it feel personal. Pauline Doerksen was our speaker, and she did a wonderful job at conveying what God says in His word about Rest. This is a topic that is barely talked about in the church and we realized that it’s something we all need to hear. We’ve spent years trying to “do enough” for God, working long hard hours in our fields of ministry only to get burnt out and exhausted. She taught us from scripture that rest is to be the foundation of our Ministry and that its through rest that we minister. We realized that very often we see our need to finish the job, when time and time again in God’s word he teaches us that it’s His job to finish. Whose work are we doing anyways? Whether in full time ministry or ministering in the secular work force, it is God’s work we are doing, and it is his job to finish. Rest was and is a gift that God gives to his people, a gift that we far too often forget about or choose not to take hold of. God desires us to delight in resting in Him, even before all the work is done. God is interested more in us and how we’re doing then in the ministry we are fulfilling. We are his children; he cares for us and loves us in a way that we will never completely understand. 

We encourage you, wherever you are today, to take time to rest and get to know your heavenly Father better. If you’re in a season of burn out and exhaustion, stop and rest; His yoke is easy and his burden in light. Our Heavenly Father wants us to be still and know that He is God, to linger in his presence and find a rest that the world can never give. 

“When we stop caring about what we care about-we’re too busy.”- Mark Buchnanan

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55+ Luncheon

55+ Luncheon

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Harvest Celebration 2015

harvest celebration

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Oasis-Finding Rest For Every Season

retreat poster

It is has been on our hearts for quite some time to start offering retreats for Women at Valley View Bible Camp. The Men’s 24/7 Discipleship weekend was started in 2013, and we have seen the positive impact it is having in men’s lives. We are excited that this fall we will officially begin with our Oasis Women’s Retreat!!

This year’s retreat has been created specifically for women involved in ministry. Our theme is Rest. Rest is something that we know can be difficult to truly experience when involved in full time ministry. Our hope is that this weekend will be a time where women will truly retreat as they learn about rest, and how true rest that can only be found in time spent with Jesus.

We realize that ministry can look very different for everyone; so whether you are a full time missionary, a pastor’s wife, or serving in a support role, we urge you to come and find rejuvenation for your soul that comes from the never ending well of Living Water.

We are excited to have Pauline Doerksen spend the weekend with us. She will be sharing her testimony of the life-giving journey of healing that God has taken her on. She will challenge and equip us to care for ourselves spiritually, emotionally, and physically.

More about Pauline:

Sam and I have been married for almost 26 years. Through those years God has blessed us with four children that we are very proud of. With 3 sons and 1 daughter ranging between the ages of 17- 24 our home has seen a lot of coming and going between school, sporting events and youth programs.

Sam grew up in New Bothwell, Manitoba and I grew up in Toronto, Ontario. Our paths crossed in Bible school in Saskatchewan and we found ourselves committing our lives to each other a year and a half later.
After Bible school, Sam took on the position of Pastor in his home church in New Bothwell. I been very involved in the music ministry and enjoyed serving together with Sam in the various aspect of church life. Once our youngest son was in school full time, I re-entered the work force.

Over the 24 years of serving in the same church, we have seen an increasing need for taking care of those who are in ministry so that they can continue on in a healthy manner. This would enable longevity in service and growth as individuals. With this in mind, we have joined the Focus on the Family Canada team and serve couples in ministry through our role as Ministry Retreat Directors.

On a personal note, on my “off time” I can be found relaxing on the deck readying a good book, puttering around in our yard with flowers and veggie gardens or singing along with my favorite tunes blaring!!! This hasn’t always been the case. There were many years where I felt buried under all the “should” do’s, and I became very angry. God has taken me on a life giving journey of healing in this area to which I am forever grateful.

Take a moment to download the brochure and check out more of the details planned for this great weekend – October 2-4, 2015. We look forward to having you join us!!!

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